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Lets Build Future with Gcolite

We believe that the key to success as a business is to ensure the very best standards of quality and customer service. We are fully committed to minimising our impact upon the environment and to promoting the undoubted and proven sustainability of masonry construction; a quality product using locally sourced materials and supporting local jobs and economies. Very minimum imported materials and minimal carbon footprint.

Environmental Performance

Our AAC production facilities operate in full compliance with all of the latest environmental regulations with the vast majority of production being certified to the world class ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard. We aim to have 100% of our production fully ISO 14001 EMS certified. As part of this, at all of our production facilities we focus on waste minimization and recycling wherever possible. Our blocks are fully recyclable at the end of the life of the construction. This philosophy encompasses all of our operations from selecting the best raw materials available for our products to employing ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems at our manufacturing sites. All of our concrete blocks are manufactured in strict compliance European standard EN 771 series.

Gcolite AAC block

Colour Greyish-white
Lightweight 80% lighter than red bricks
Fire resistance Between two and six hours, based on the thickness
Energy efficiency 45% reduction in air-conditioning costs
Thermal efficiency Three times higher than clay bricks
Water absorption About 10% of its weight

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We are an innovative company striving towards excellence with our core competence in sustainable products and technologies.
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