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Earthquake resistant
AAC blocks are lightweight and durable, and can withstand extreme earthquake conditions.
Fire Resistant
The technology used in creating AAC blocks ensures that AAC blocks are resistant to fire.
Heat Resistence
AAC block provides great insulation against heat, since they are not good conductors of heat.
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Gcolite, Most Environment Friendly Building Product On Planet.

Resistant to heat, sound, fire and earthquakes, AAC blocks are also lighter yet stronger than traditional red bricks. It is easier to use, saves time and money in construction and provides better results as well.

Features of AAC Blocks

Earthquake Resistant

The light weight property of the AAC blocks results into higher steadiness of the AAC blocks in the structure of the buildings

Fire Resistant

Non-flammable and heat proof up to 1600° C which can withstand as long as 6 hours of direct presentation

Cost Saving

The weight of AAC blocks is about 80% less than traditional red bricks and leads to a reduction in the use of cement and steel, thus, saving costs.

High Resistance to Water Penetration

The AAC products, because of their cellular and discontinuous micro structure are superior to the normal clay brick in resistance of water penetrability


These blocks possess a cellular structure created during manufacturing process. AAC block weights almost around 80% less as compared to the conventional red brick ultimately resulting into great reduction of deadweight.

Sound Proof

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of the AAC blocks up to 45 db. Thus, AAC blocks have been the most ideal material for the construction of walls.

Perfect Size and Shape

The process of manufacturing AAC Blocks ensures constant and consistent dimensions. Factory finished blocks provide a uniform base for economical application of a variety of finishing systems.

High Compressive Strength

The block has an average compressive strength of (3-4.5) N/mm³ which is superior to most types of light weight blocks, 25% stronger than other products of the same density

Long Lasting

AAC blocks are highly superior in terms of the strength. Higher level of strength of these blocks gives higher stability to the structure of the building.

Faster Construction

Development of AAC Blocks decreases the development time by 20%. As various sizes of squares help decrease the quantity of joints in divider workmanship. The lighter load of the squares makes it simpler and quicker to move, spot and build the stone work.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete products do not contain any toxic gas substances. The product does not harbor or encourage vermin.

Pest Resistant

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block consist of the inorganic material in its constitution that helps preventing/avoiding termites, damages or losses.

Thermal Insulation

AAC block has exceptional thermal insulating qualities. The thermal conductivity of the AAC blocks helps maintaining the inner temperature to be warm during the winters and cool during the summers

Application Areas

Residential Properties

Commercial Properties

Hospitals and Hotels

Multi-Storey Building

Industrial Properties

Why Choose Us!


  • Better structural strength
  • Enhanced heat prevention
  • Better heat insulators
  • Great resistance against fire
  • Better sound insulation
  • Cost effective products


  • Cost effectiveness
  • Lower utility bills
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fire resistance
  • High level of thermal efficiency
  • Improved quality of indoor air
  • Enhanced protection of individual and the property


  • Faster construction
  • Workability of the AAC Block
  • Competitive Rate

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